Just a day after she posed topless in Twitter... as some sort of revenge-fuelled act targetting her father, controversial Caribbean singer Rihanna was seen in a black top that left much of the upper portion of her anatomy visible, while out and about in New York.

The singer wore a black mesh top, blue jeans and coloured her hair back to blonde... while out for dinner with friends, at Da Silvano.

Predictably, her bare-all acts have earned her quite a number of critics.

"A lot of people have been praying for her and hoping that she will drop these bad habits. We feel it's wrong for her to behave like this. As a young lady she's not setting a good example. Young people look to her as a mentor, they regard her as an idol and copy her lifestyle," explained Pastor Bishop Vibert Lowe, 64, of Barbados (the singer's homeland), in a report by The Sun.

The actress is notorious for substance abuse and rebellious behaviour. In fact, she was recently seen wearing only knickers and a bra, for a television advertisement.

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