We still don't know if she actually has re-united with controversial former boyfriend Chris Brown but global pop star Rihanna, whose debut Hollywood attempt "Battleship" released on 12 April, is on a partying spree in Australia, where she is busy promoting her new film.

The star posted several photographs of her friends and herself on Twitter, detailing, almost all the fun they were having.

She tweeted, against one of the photographs that it wasn't even her birthday was not even my birthday", which clearly said she was having a great time out in Australia. The actress was seen partying with an unidentified fem

Meanwhile, her new film - which deals with humans facing an alien attack - has already created a buzz before its release (it is scheduled to release in the US on 18 May). The film, directed by Peter Berg, will also feature Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker and Alexander Skarsgard.

An absolutely rushed-off-her-feet Rihanna did reveal, though, she had a huge crush on Harry Styles from British boy band One Direction.

"Harry, yeah. I watch their videos and I remember thinking, "Wow, he's a star". He seems very sure. It seems, like, it's so natural to him," Rihanna told the Mirror. Apparently Styles was delighted with the praise and said: "That is absolutely incredible. I'd love to hook up."'

Finally, according to a report in Entertainment Wise, it so happened that Styles and Rihanna were actually in the same hotel for a day, as the band tours Australia.

According to a report in Entertainment Wise, that was enough for the boys to start hunting down Rihanna's room.

''The boys have been desperately trying to find her. They've been trying to work out what room she's in from her twitter pictures of her view," said a source.

There is just one problem for Styles - he is already in a committed relationship - at least to the best of our knowledge. Styles is reportedly dating Irish photographer Sarah Louise Colivet. Unfortunately for his rumoured girlfriend, apart from Rihanna, Styles has apparently also drawn interest from US-based singer Lily Halpen, 19, although his publicist has firmly denied these claims.