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The Israeli police clashed with Muslim worshippers at Jerusalem's Temple Mount (known as the Haram-al Sharif to Muslims), using stun grenades to scatter the protesters.

Eleven officers were injured and four rioters were detained during the protests.

Dozens of worshippers barricaded themelves inside the al Aqsa Mosque after hurling stones to the security forces.

Police increased their presence at the site on Friday morning in response to a week of tension.

"There were a number of disturbances last week [at the Temple Mount] starting last Sunday morning," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the Jerusalem Post. "What happened today was a continuation of tension in and around the Old City and Temple Mount due to what was put out on the internet by both right wing extremists and terrorist organizations."

Two weeks ago a website called "Our Temple Mount" incited religious Jews to expel Muslims from the the Temple Mount, destroy any Muslim buildings and rebuild the Third Temple.

"Purify the site from the enemies of Israel who stole the land, and build the Third Temple on the ruins of the mosques," a flyer read.

Rosenfeld said the Temple Mount is currently expected to open to non-Muslim visitors as usual on Sunday morning. "Over the weekend police will be assessing security situation and deciding what measures will be implemented next week," he said.