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Kellogg's UK has announced it will be discontinuing Ricicles as part of a mission to cut sugar in their products – and fans are miffed.

Key brands such as Rice Krispies, Frosties and Multi-grain Shapes will have sugar reduced by around 20-40% as parents demand healthier cereal for their children.

With 34g of sugar per 100g, Ricicles was one of the worst offenders when it came to high sugar content.

First launched in the 1960, the breakfast cereal will be fondly remembered by adults of a certain age. However, changing tastes and a growing aversion to sugary snacks has seen it fall out of favour with the general public.

Some have taken to Twitter to express their shock that the cereal is being given the heave-ho.

Paddy Power led the charge with this tweet: "People thought 2016 was a bad year, but 2017 sees Kelloggs discontinuing Ricicles. RIP, sweet prince."

Some thought the cereal was an underrated morning classic.

Another thought that the move marked the decline of western civilisation itself.

BBC presenter Dan Walker also got in on the act:

Another user said they would simply mourn the loss of Captain Rik, the cereal's iconic mascot.

Not everyone, however, was gutted. Some expressed their happiness, even glee at the cull.

Richard Osman pointed out that for many people Ricicles was at the bottom of the cereal food chain.

And let's face it, Ricicles were just Rice Krispies with a whole load of sugar added.

Some won't lament the passing at all – and that's because they've never heard of them.