Die-hard Nintendo fans can now munch on berry-flavoured one-up mushrooms for breakfast.

Kellogg's has confirmed its Super Mario Cereal will be hitting supermarket shelves soon, at least in the United States. Designed to be a promotion for Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo's hit new game for the Switch, the cereal box can even become part of your adventure.

Nintendo has included an amiibo NFC tag within the box. Amiibo is Nintendo's platform to scan miniature figurines into games using a scanner on the console. It is not yet known what function the cereal box amiibo will serve.

Take a look at the back of the package:

Speaking to Cerealously, Kellogg's said it was grateful for "continued interest in seeing a Nintendo cereal". "We hope you'll keep an eye out for the new Super Mario cereal that is hitting the store shelves now. This star-shaped cereal features Super Mario-inspired marshmallows, and a limited number of packages will have an Amiibo powerup sticker that can be used on the Super Mario Odyssey game with the Nintendo Switch gaming console."

Unfortunately there are now no plans yet to release the cereal in the UK.

Lifelong Nintendo fans have been quick to point out this is not the first time a cereal has been made. Get ready to cringe: