Infamous former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford will be laid to rest on Wednesday 30 March, with a procession and funeral in the Canadian city. The procession is set to begin at 11am EDT (4pm GMT) when the casket will be taken from City Hall to St James Cathedral for the funeral.

The funeral service is expected to start at 12pm EDT (5pm GMT) and last for 90 minutes, Ford's brother Doug, his children and former Ontario premier Mike Harris are expected to speak.

Ford died from cancer on 22 March after a political career that saw him become mayor of Toronto and achieve world-wide notoriety for scandals that included him admitting to smoking crack cocaine and spending time in rehab for a problem with alcohol abuse.

He held a loyal base of supporters throughout his career. Thousands came to pay respects to Ford, laying in repose at Toronto's City Hall, some waiting as long as two hours for the chance.