• Pires has been training with the first-team on a regular basis.
  • Gilberto Silva has also been appreciative of the German.

Robert Pires and Gilberto Silva have both expressed their delight at Jens Lehmann being back at Arsenal as a first-team coach as they believe that he will improve the Gunners' mentality. The German was part of the Arsenal invincibles which went an entire season unbeaten, the only club in the Premier League to ever achieve that feat.

They both expect the same mentality and winning habit and demanding attitude to rub off on the players. The team has not won a league title in over 13 years following the unforgettable 2003/04 campaign. Pires spent three very productive years with Lehmann during which he became well accustomed to the whims and fancies of the German and revealed that there can be times when he is extremely strict but all for the benefit of the team.

"It is good news," Pires told Sky Sports. "I'm very pleased for Jens, he's a good guy and a good professional. He can help the goalkeepers but not only them, the rest of the squad as well.

"You need to have a competitive side and Jens has always had that. He's a great professional. He's a German too, so he has his own rules. Sometimes he is very strict, but you need to have discipline in the dressing room and Jens is the man to bring that."

Silva was equally appreciative of the German, who spent five beautiful years with the German after arriving at the club in 2002, a year before the stopper came. However, he did have a word of caution for the players, as not everyone may be as forthcoming to his style of dealing with things, but the Brazilian insists that it was for the benefit of the team.

"I am very pleased for Jens and for the club," he added. "He is a very professional person and a guy who is passionate for the game. I am sure it will be very important for the club to have him around because he is the kind of person who pushes the other guys when he sees something that is not right. The way he does things is in a very positive way.

"Maybe sometimes people saw him do things in the past and had a different interpretation of things but the way he was with us, sometimes we laughed. But in the end, we knew he was doing it for the benefit of the team. Sometimes you must have someone like this."

Jens Lehmann
Jens Lehmann will join Arsenal as a first team coach Reuters