Indian soldiers stand beside India's surface-to-surface missile Agni 2 in New Delhi
India will produce 5000 Pinaka rockets every year, up from 1000. The rocket has range of 40 km and can carry a 100 kg load REUTERS/Kamal Kishore

The Ambajhari Ordinance Factory near Nagpur in western India will increase its production capacity from 1000 Pinaka rockets to 5000 rockets every year.

Pinaka rockets are capable of carrying a 100 kg load and can travel 40 km causing devastation within a 500 km radius. The rockets are jointly developed byOrdnance Factory, Ambajhari (OFAJ) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation of India.

The rocket also gives an advantage of being operational in extreme weather conditions - below minus 10 degree Celsius or up to 55 degree Celsius. Each Pinaka battery consists of six launcher vehicles, each with 12 rockets, six loader-cum replenishment vehicles, two command post vehicles with a fire control computer and radar.

The OFAJ was established in 1966, as a premier factory in the family of 41 ordnance factories. It is engaged in manufacturing and supply of ammunition hardware parts, shells, fuses, rockets, cartridge cases, assault bridges and high strength aluminium alloys, according to