Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal - Australian Open Final as it happened

  • The two tennis heavyweights met for the first time in a Grand Slam final since 2011.
  • Federer emerged victorious in five sets and has now won 18 Grand Slams.
  • Nadal, who is still stuck on 14 Grand Slams, was so close to victory but can be happy with his performance.
Federer and Nadal

There we have it. Roger Federer has won the 18th Grand Slam of his career after beating his old foe and friend Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final.

It wouldn't be a 'Fedal' clash without it going to five sets. Both men made a case to win the title but Federer stands tall as a worthy winner. How great was it to see two tennis legends producing some phenomenal play on one of the sport's biggest stages, when none thought it would ever happen again.

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Federer and Nadal


Federer: "I'm out of words, I'd like to congratulate Rafa on an amazing comeback. I don't think we believed we would be in this final four or five months ago. I would have been happy to lose too to be honest.

"Tennis is a tough sport with no draws but I would love to have shared this with Rafa tonight. Keep playing Rafa, please, tennis needs you.

"This was a wonderful run and I can't be more happy to have won tonight."

Nadal and Federer


Nadal: "Congratulations to Roger and his team, it's amazing the way he's playing after such a long time. Well done, I feel very happy for you.

"For me it's been a great month, I really enjoyed this beautiful country and fantastic people. Here in Melbourne, it was always be in my heart. I work very hard to be where I am today, I think it was a great match, Roger deserved it a little bit more than me.

"I feel I am back at a very level and will keep fighting through the whole season."

Nadal and federer
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This is what the victory meant to Federer.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
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Rod Laver is out to present the trophy in his own arena.



Federer is in tears, Nadal disconsolate. It's the first time Federer has beaten Nadal in Australia.

It wasn't quite Wimbledon 2008, but it was a simply sensational game of tennis.


Fifth set: 6-3 (Federer on serve) - Roger Federer has done the Australian Open final!

Nadal's double handed backhand goes unanswered by Federer, who overcooks a backhand and gifts Nadal a 0-30 lead. He responds well with an ace but Nadal works him around the court and manages to secure two break points.

Another ace halves the deficit before a Federer special ties it up at deuce. Nadal can't get his return right as Federer gains advantage but he sends his forehand long past the baseline.

Another ace gives Federer set point, and this time, after confirmation from Hawkeye, he follows through. An incredible, gruelling bout of tennis, ending up with Federer winning his 18th Grand Slam.


Fifth set: 5-3 (Nadal on serve) - Federer breaks Nadal!

An incredible shot from Federer gives Nadal no chance. The 35-year-old seems to have shaken off his thigh complaint and powers around the court as he goes 0-30 up.

A double fault from Nadal at the worst possible time gives Federer three break points. Nadal refuses to be beaten though and sends a thunderous forehand down the line. Federer then overcooks his return and hacks at a Nadal second serve to take the game to deuce.

One of the best rallies tennis has ever witnessed ends in Federer delivering a forehand down the line. Nadal returned all manner of shots and looked to be on top but his old foe bested him, somehow.

An incredible serve from Nadal has Federer beaten all ends up. The Swiss works the Manacor man around the court and secures another break point, and this time he manages to follow through. The crowd are in raptures, Federer's serving for the title.


Fifth set: 4-3 (Federer on serve)

Federer kicks things off with an ace, his 16th of the match. He then surges to the net to volley before delivering another serve which Nadal can't return. Another ace gives Federer the game and momentum.


Fifth set: 3-3 (Nadal on serve) - Federer breaks back!

Federer battles through the pain and responds to everything Nadal sends his way. He roars as the Spaniard sends a forehand into the net but doesn't time a forehand correctly.

Nadal sends Federer almost out the stadium with a wide serve but sends one long and gives his opponent a crucial break point. But Nadal finds something within him - which he so often does - to bring the game to deuce. Federer zooms a backhand across court to gain advantage and sees a Nadal shot wide to level up the final set.


Fifth set: 2-3 (Federer on serve)

Federer mixes backhands and slices but Nadal surges to the net and powers past his old enemy. A classic serve-and-volley from Federer makes it 40-15, and the veteran holds out to stay in touch.


Fifth set: 1-3 (Nadal on serve)

Federer fails to find a winner as he looks to keep points short early on. Nadal watches one out for 30-0 but produces his second double fault of the match.

Federer is not moving as freely as he was earlier but swept Nadal away with another sublime backhand. Nadal edges in front with another body serve but overcooks a forehand and the game goes to deuce.

Federer earns a break point with an eye-of-the-needle backhand but Nadal thunders a backhand across the court to level matters. Nadal then unleashes another body serve to win another game and mini battle.


Federer receives treatment to his upper right leg.


Fifth set: 1-2 (Federer on serve)

Nadal hacks wildly at a Federer second serve and 15-0 quickly becomes 30-0 thanks to 35-year-old's wondrous backhand.

Federer drags Nadal out wide and shows a wonderful touch to make it 40-0 before producing a lovely backhand to keep within touching distance of his old foe.


Fifth set: 0-2 (Nadal on serve)

Nadal shows excellent defence and overpowers Federer, who crept to the net once again. A careless forehand makes it 15-15 and Federer utilises the bounce off the net to make it 15-30.

The 35-year-old roars as he finds himself with two break points after finally executing a cross-court backhand, but he finds the net with another one soon after. Nadal capitalises and outfoxes Federer with an incredible curved forehand but the Swiss gain advantage as the net deflects in his favour.

Nadal calmly brings it back to deuce and produces some of his best tennis of the match to save three break points and hold serve.


Fifth set: 0-1 (Federer on serve) - Nadal breaks Federer!

Nadal comes close to the net and delivers a wondrous forehand down the line. Federer then finds the net after an arduous rally but conjures up a forehand after Nadal put up a short return.

Another sensational forehand from a fired up Nadal, who seems to be smelling blood, gives the Spaniard two break points, but Federer halves the deficit as he looks to keep points short.

Nadal makes no mistake the second time around, though, and breaks Federer immediately in the final set.


Federer is currently taking a medical time-out. Nadal at his chair, legs shaking with nervous energy.


It wouldn't be a Federer-Nadal clash if it didn't go to five sets.

Nadal and Federer
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Fourth set: 3-6 (Nadal on serve) - NADAL WINS THE FOURTH SET

Nadal delivers another serve Federer can't return and watches a forehand out to establish himself at 30-0. The 30-year-old utilises the new balls excellently and gives himself three set points to work with, but with a forehand like that, he only needs one.

We're into a fifth set!


Fourth set: 3-5 (Federer on serve)

Federer hasn't seemed comfortable at all this set. Wayward shots allow Nadal a sniff of a break, and another poorly executed backhand results in deuce. The Swiss manages to edge the game out, but it wasn't pretty.

Nadal now serving for the set.


Fourth set: 2-5 (Nadal on serve)

Nadal watches a Federer forehand out and has seemed to have found a serve the Swiss doesn't like facing at all.

Federer regularly finds the net and has no reply for Nadal's last serve which results in his fourth ace of the match.


Fourth set: 2-4 (Federer on serve)

Federer starts things off with a couple of aces but Nadal regains ground with an almighty forehand. Federer somehow misses a high volley and his early dominance dissipates entirely as he finds the net to give the Spaniard a break point.

The Swiss executes an ace and take the game to deuce and forces Nadal into a Hollywood shot which he can't pull off. A final ace gives Federer the game.