Rolls-Royce’s Powerful Wraith Coupe Set to Unveil at Geneva Motor Show
Rolls-Royce’s Powerful Wraith Coupe Set to Unveil at Geneva Motor Show Wikimedia Commons

Rolls Royce has landed a £210 Million deal to supply safety instrumentation and control technologies for the French nuclear reactor modernization programme.

The safety systems and technologies will be installed in twenty-strong French fleet of 1300 MW nuclear reactors operated by Electricité de France (EDF).

Founded in the year 1946, EDF is regarded as one of the largest producers of electricity in the world produced primarily from nuclear power. It has around 58 active nuclear reactors in France spread over 20 sites of nuclear power plants.

With this project, officials seek to ensure that the reactor fleet continues to adhere to all the safety and licensing norms. This particular task is to be carried out by the company Areva, a French public multinational industrial conglomerate, as part of ten-yearly planned reactor outages managed by EDF.

Areva mainly oversees projects to modernize operating reactors and nuclear power plants across the globe. The prime aim of the group is mainly to help operator achieve three major goals - improve facility safety, boost performance and extend reactor lifetime.

"We are proud of our relationship with Areva and our long partnership with EDF which spans over 40 years. We are pleased that they have once again put their trust in our world-class I&C technologies which help to ensure the safety and performance of their reactors," Sharecast quoted Benoit Chabre, President, Instrumentation and Control, Rolls-Royce as saying.

Rolls-Royce will be responsible for providing safety systems and technologies like Reactor Protection System and the Nuclear Instrumentation System, each underpinned by Rolls-Royce patented Spinline technology.

The digital nuclear safety, control and monitoring systems are designed to simplify operational, diagnostic and maintenance elements of nuclear plant while improving safety.