Ronaldinho reveals the reason for choosing Barcelona over Manchester United Reuters

Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho has opened up regarding his failed move to Manchester United from Paris Saint-Germain in 2003.

The Brazilian international, who was with the Ligue 1 club had agreed a deal in principle to move to Old Trafford, with only the final details remaining to be sorted out. However, a last minute change of power at the Catalan club prompted Ronaldinho to choose the La Liga over the Premier League.

The Barcelona legend has admitted that he was all but ready to join United, until he got a call from his close friend Sandro Rosell, who was to become president of the Camp Nou outfit and asked Ronaldinho if he would like to play for the Catalan club.

"Everything was beautiful and happened fast. A great friend of mine was about to become a part of the Barcelona board, Sandro Rosell," Ronaldinho said, as quoted by Goal.

"Before the offers came, he had asked me if I would play in Barcelona when they won the election and became the presidents, and I had said 'Yes'."

"I was almost on my way to Manchester United and only the details needed to be put onto that deal. But in the last minute Rosell called me to tell me they would win the election. That made everything happen fast."

Ronaldinho admits that an opportunity to play for Barcelona was an offer he couldn't refuse, for one it was a historical club and the second reason being that, he wanted to emulate his football idols such as Romario and Ronaldo, who also played for the Camp Nou outfit.

"I wanted to play in Barcelona. When I signed, I didn't feel pressure, I felt joy. I had the chance that all of the players wanted, to play in a great club like Barcelona," the Brazilian explained.

"I had the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of my idols. I was proud to play where Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo had played and I had the chance to be Barcelona's new 'R'. I loved that," Ronaldinho concluded.