Martin Sorrell (l) and Ronaldo
Martin Sorrell (l) and Ronaldo

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo is set to swap his life as a party-loving football legend in Brazil for one as a student in London.

The 36-year-old is to spend two years as an advertising student in Britain's capital city, under the tutledge of industry icon Sir Martin Sorrell - a man who once sued a rival for labelling him a "mad dwarf."

Although the former Barcelona and Real Madrid star will have to juggle studying with his responsibilities as a member of Brazil's World Cup and Olympic organising groups, he has pledged to learn as much as possible from Sorrell, who made his name with advertising giants Saatchi & Saatchi and WPP.

Ronaldo said: "I won't leave him [Sorrell] alone, I'll be asking him questions all day, just like a striker. He's going to have to tell me everything."

During an 18-year career which finished in 2011, Ronaldo earned a reputation as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He claimed two World Cups and 13 club trophies, and is one of only three men to have won the Fifa World Player of the Year award three times.

However he earned a reputation for enjoying wild parties during his playing days, and in 2008 was discovered by police with three transsexual prostitutes - although he insisted that he thought they were women when he engaged them.

Ronaldo insists he is ready to put his partying days behind him. He said: "Eighteen years have passed and I've hardly studied at all. I feel a great need to become a student again.

"I've learned a lot in life, travelling, living abroad, just in the school of life.

"But I also have to immerse myself in something. Learning from Martin will be perfect."