Around 5 pm on Tuesday, September 8, the Victoria to Dartford train was delayed due to a baby being found unaccompanied. The mother of the child had left the train at Peckham Rye Station, London. The baby was handed over to the station staff at the next stop where the panicked mother was reunited with her child. Many of the passengers took to social media to question how a mother could forget their child. The incident led to a small delay during rush hour.

Passengers on-board the 5:04 Victoria to Dartford witnessed the unique incident. An unnamed woman got off the packed train at Peckham Rye station. She forgot her baby who was in a pram with her on the train. Passengers noticed the abandoned child and informed the railway staff.

The panicked mother also realised that she had forgotten her child soon after deboarding the train. She called South Eastern Railways frantically and informed them of the terrible error she had made. She was asked to take the next train and get off at the next station, Nunhead station. At the same time, the South Eastern Railways got in touch with the station staff. They arranged for the station staff at Nunhead to board the train and safely take custody of the child.

Once the train reached the next station, the child was deboarded and looked after by the station staff. The child, who has also not been named, stayed with the staff until the mother arrived. She was reunited with her baby who was safe and well.

My friends train was delayed because someone forgot their baby in the pram.. the mum had to get the next train to meet the baby.. I mean how do you forget YOUR BABY.. A WHOLE BABY 🤦🏽‍♀️

— YT: YewandeDental 🦷 (@Wands__) September 8, 2020

Passengers on-board the train took to social media to talk about the delay caused by the incident. One user pointed out that their friend's train was delayed as a woman forgot "A WHOLE BABY" on the train. They questioned how a mother could forget their child like that. A passenger wrote that a mother forgetting their baby on board a train was the last reason she imagined to face a delay for.

The last reason I expected my train to be delayed at its stop was because “a mother left her baby on the train at the previous stop” and they’ve had to hold it there so she could come and collect it 🤐💀

— zoe (@zoeknights) September 8, 2020

A spokesperson from the South Eastern Railways confirmed the incident that took place yesterday during rush hour. The Daily Mail reported that the mix-up led to a short five-minute delay.

Peckham rye station
Train delayed as mother deboarded at Peckham Rye Station leaving child behind on the train. (representational image) Sunil060902 / CC BY-SA ( Sunil060902 / CC BY-SA