Russia Syria's biggest ally, has spoken out against the alleged attacks carried out by Israeli jets on a military convoy carrying weapons near a military research centre in North West of Damascus which Syrian sources say killed 2 people and injured 5 more. Saying that such a strike would be an unacceptable violation of the UN Charter.

This attack as yet unconfirmed by Israel or other official sources , has been hinted at by Israel during the past week. As concern grows over the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons to Syrian rebels or neighbouring Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas.

Major General Amir Eshel from the Israeli Airforce speaking at this Tel Aviv conference had this to say

none of us has any idea what will happen the day after. Add to that a huge (Syrian) weapons arsenal, some of it state-of-the-art, some of it unconventional. All this is happening - I can't call it our backyard - on our borders."

And as fears grow of a retaliation against the UN, The Netherlands, Germany and the United States have each sent two Patriot missile batteries and up to 400 troops to Turkey after Ankara asked for NATO's help to bolster its air defences against possible missile attack from Syria.

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