US economic sanctions on Russia
Vladimir Putin unveils updated version of national security document designating Nato as a major threat Reuters

President Vladimir Putin has unveiled Russia's updated national security paper labelling Nato and "colour revolutions" as major threats to the country. The strategy document, which is updated every six years, has also listed threats from biological weapons.

According to the document signed by Putin, Nato's recent moves on Russia's borders in what are seen as attempts to expand its foothold is a major cause of concern for Russia.

The document, which was uploaded on the official website, reads: "The buildup of the military potential of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) and vesting it with global functions implemented in violations of norms of international law, boosting military activity of the bloc's countries, further expansion of the alliance, the approach of its military infrastructure to Russian borders create a threat to the national security."

The recent Ukraine conflict has harmed relations between Russia and the western world. The ties have reached their lowest point since the Cold War era as both parties accuse each other of unlawful interference in Ukraine, calling it a proxy war. Russia had earlier altered its military doctrine in 2014 primarily focusing on Nato's increasing presence in eastern Europe. Though Russia and the US have shown signs of mending their ties, both parties remain largely sceptical.

Extremism and nationalism

Moscow has also issued a strong warning against uprisings, euphemistically known "colour revolutions". The updated document says among the factors which attempt to undermine Russia's security are "the activity of radical associations and groupings utilising the ideologies of nationalism and religious extremism, the activity of international and foreign non-governmental organisations, financial and economic institutions and private individuals targeting the unity and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, destabilising the internal political and social situation, instigating the 'colour revolutions' and destroying traditional Russian spiritual and moral values".

The document also takes into account the threat posed by US biological weapons. It says: "The network of US biological military labs is expanding on the territories of countries neighbouring Russia. Russia's independent foreign and domestic policy has been met with counteraction by the US and its allies, seeking to maintain its dominance in world affairs." Analysts say Russia's latest moves are intended to push the western powers from what it considers its sphere of influence in the region.