Russian and Chinese arms sold to Sudan are fuelling human rights violations in Darfur, Amnesty International said

Amnesty's Sudan: No end to the conflict in Darfur documents how China, Russia and Belarus continues to supply weapons and ammunitions to the regime in Sudan despite evidence that the arms are used against civilians.

Up to 70,000 people were displaced from eastern Darfur in 2011 following attacks on the Zaghawa community by the Sudanese forces.

"China and Russia are selling arms to the government of Sudan in the full knowledge that many of them are likely to end up being used to commit human rights violations in Darfur," said Brian Wood, an expert on the military and policing for Amnesty.

"The Darfur conflict is sustained by the constant flow of weapons from abroad. To help prevent further serious violations of human rights, all international arms transfers to Sudan should be immediately suspended and the UN arms embargo extended to the whole country."

The UN Security Council will meet to review existing sanctions against Sudan.

Governments are also expected to discuss a future arms trade treaty.

"Until governments agree a strong treaty with specific rules to respect human rights, UN arms embargos will continue to be flouted and millions of people will continue to suffer the consequences of irresponsible arms transfers, as they do in Darfur," Wood said.