A Russian artist has sparked controversy after tattooing his sphynx cat with an inking identical to his own.

In a three-minute video of the procedure, the young man appears to enlist the help of someone who appears to be a nurse to complete the controversial etching.

The cat is seen being first anaesthetised before the artist proceeds to tattoo a pattern of a neck chain and pendant on its chest. The image resembles one on the artist's body.

The edited video, which ends with a photomontage of the freshly inked cat and his owner, has gone viral and has sparked heated debate.

Online viewers demanded that the unnamed tattooist be arrested and charged for animal cruelty but others have voiced support for him.

"This is incredibly cruel and disgusting!" said one user.

Another said: " That is animal abuse!!!! Your ass needs to be locked up!!!!!"

One supporter said: "People pierce their kids' ears and sign consent to let their kids get tattoos and people actually bytching bout putting a kool ass tatt on a cat... SMFH... Nothing wrong here, dis tight"