has been told to remove a raunchy advert so that children can no longer see it

A raunchy advert for Russian brides that focused on women's cleavages has been axed from the Radio Times website after complaints that children could see the "overty sexy" ad.

Complainants were offended by the "innappropriate" ad because of its sexual nature and alerted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ad featured a busty woman wearing a bra, looking up at the camera with pouted lips. Text alongside the image stated "Sexy Russian Sensations... Flirt Now!"
A sultry model appeared in the advert on the Radio Times website

The ad breached rules on responsible advertising and causing harm and offence.

The ASA's investigation into the breach concluded: "We noted that the ad featured a woman in a provocative pose that focused on her cleavage, and her pursed lips appeared seductive in nature.

"We considered the text alongside the image heightened the overtly sexual nature of the ad. We also noted that the ad appeared on a general TV listings website. We therefore considered that the placement of the ad was inappropriate."

The Radio Times claimed it did not have control over its website's adverts but said comprehensive "block lists" filtered unacceptable content.

Immediate Media Company London, which publishes the TV listing magazine, said the ad had appeared by mistake and they had received three complaints. has since been restricted by the publisher and ensured the ad would not appear again. It has also moved to block other 'dating' ads to ensure website visitors were protected. is owned by parent company Anastasia International.