A US woman has had parts of all her four limbs amputated to save her life after a botched butt implants gave her near-fatal infections.

April Brown, a former cosmetologist and fashion designer from Los Angeles, received silicone injections at a "pumping party" eight years ago to boast her low self-esteem.

The mother-of-two told NBC4 News: "They call it butt injections. These things are done at pumping parties.

"They call it medical grade silicone but a lot of it is industrial grade silicone," she added.

She explained that she began to suffer agonising pain as a result of the unlicensed procedure. "For five years, I lived in pain. Excruciating pain."

Doctors informed her last year that they would be forced to amputate both her hands and feet in a desperate bid to save her life after she picked up an infection.

Despite the life-changing loss of limbs, Brown has repeatedly refused to reveal who administered the injections and instead blames self-esteem issues.

Brown, who plans to become a motivational speaker, is now warning other women against amateur cosmetic procedures following her "nightmare".