Video footage has been released which shows a huge fire engulf the 19th century basilica of Saint Donatien in the French city of Nantes.

The inferno is believed to have been accidentally started by two roofers working on the basilica in the morning of 15 June after mass, with worshippers evacuated out of the building. Around 40 firefighters were called out to combat the blaze, as the fire spread to the rooftop of the building.

In the video, uploaded to YouTube by user Polomaki44, the rooftop on the cathedral can be seen engulfed in flames as firefighters on a crane try and extinguish the blaze from above.

The fire is now believed to have destroyed up to 3/4 of the basilica's roof, as it continues to be tackled by emergency services.

The basilica, completed in 1889, is dedicated to Saint Donatien and his brother Rogatien, who were the first Christians martyred in Nantes at the end of the third century.