Terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite’s diary reveals a preoccupation with domestic excellence. (Reuters)
Terrorist suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, aka The White Widow (Reuters) Reuters

Extracts from the diary of 'White Widow' terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite provide an intriguing insight into the life of a British Muslim convert juggling the demands of everyday life with plotting jihad.

Lewthwaite, the widow of London July 7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, used the journal to record shopping lists, plan future business ventures and muse on how to be a perfect housewife.

"When a man comes home - wife beautiful, food prepared, kids clean, immediately he will forget the pain of his day; he will always want to come home," read extracts from the diary published in the Sunday Times.

Tips on being a good wife also include "protecting your husband's money" and not being stubborn.

Lewthwaite, 29, has been on the run from authorities for nearly two years. After the July 7 terror attacks she fled to Africa, where she joined the Somalian terrorist organisation al-Shabaab and has since rapidly risen up its ranks, reportedly becoming a key financier and coordinator.

Interpol has issued a 'Red Notice' for her arrest for her alleged involvement in a plot to blow up western targets in Kenya.

Lewthwaite's diary, which was found by police at a villa in the coastal resort of Mombasa where the terror suspect was living before going on the run in 2011, features plans to open a frozen yoghurt stall and juice bar. The journal also details an idea to devise 'Pregisize' classes to help pregnant women keep fit.

Expectant mothers who enrolled in the classes would be offered healthy recipes, monthly newsletters, a "stylish T-shirt" and a 10% discount.

"Let us help you to maintain a healthy body and mind during this spiritual journey," Lewthwaite wrote.

While reportedly planning mass murder, Lewthwaite also found time to write Muslim-themed stories dedicated to her children, referred to in the diary as Adam, aged seven at the time of writing, Sarah, aged six and Aaron, aged two. The diary suggests that Lewthwaite's two eldest children were at school while their mother was plotting jihad.

She also jotted down to-buy lists, which feature items such as nappies and Weetabix cereals alongside two goats - one male and one female.

Lewthwaite is the daughter of a British soldier who served in Northern Ireland and is thought to have remarried a Kenyan terror suspect named Fahmi Salim following the death of her first husband.

In October, Sky News obtained a Kenyan intelligence report which for the first time detailed the reach of the al-Shabaab terror network, which carried out a deadly attack at the Nairobi Westgate shopping mall in September, killing 67 people.

The 35-page report identifies Lewthwaite as a "logistician" within a six-person terror cell. The report also reveals how al-Shabaab recruits and operates cells across several countries including Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Mali, Zambia, South Africa, Yemen and Pakistan.