Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets First Hybrid Phone and Tablet ROM - ‘ParanoidAndroid’ [VIDEOS & TUTORIAL]
Samsung Galaxy S3 finally gets its first hybrid phone and tablet ROM – ParanoidAndroid, which enables users to toggle their devices to run in phone or tablet mode. Rather than being just a tablet-mode ROM, ParanoidAndroid supports Per-App-Layout, Per-App-Density and soft screen toggle features. Samsung

Stocks of the pebble blue variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are available at Phones 4U. Currently, it is providing the smartphone on the Vodafone network, while the O2 and Orange network orders can be expected to be delivered in the next 1-2 weeks.

"Available now on the Vodafone network. All orders placed will be dispatched on the on the next working day subject to stock availability and credit check. Please note for orders placed on the O2 and Orange network delivery is expected in the next 1-2 weeks. We will dispatch the handset as soon as the stock arrives," elaborates Phones 4U.

Users can avail of the pebble blue Galaxy S3 on Vodafone's plan which offers 600 minutes of calls, 3,000 texts, 500MB of data along with a free handset all by just paying £31 per month on a two-year contract. In addition, it includes access to Wi-Fi for free for two years.

Apart from it, users have an option of paying £36 per month and can benefit from 1,200 minutes of calls, 3,000 texts, 500 MB of data with a free handset. Several reports suggest that Phones 4U has started shipping the pre-ordered smartphones to customers.

Carphone Warehouse is expected to deliver the Galaxy S3 pebble blue orders by 19 June, according to earlier reports at IBTimes UK. The gadget is available exclusively on Vodafone which is offering it on a pay monthly basis as well as on upgrades from £31.

"For all other networks we aim to deliver orders placed now by Tuesday 19<sup>th June. We will send you an email as soon as your order is dispatched," elaborates Carphone Warehouse. Users can obtain 300 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, 500MB of data and free home broadband with TalkTalk along with a free handset all for just £31 per month on a two-year contract.

The stunning Galaxy S3 is expected to be available in 145 countries across 296 carriers by July.