Samsung curved monitor products
Samsung curved monitor products sales surpasses one million Getty

Samsung has achieved another milestone for its curved screen technology. The company has so far sold more than one million products featuring the curved screen monitor. It currently accounts for more than 85% of the total curved monitor sales globally, according to data produced by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Two years back in September 2014, the company introduced its first curved LED monitor SD590C model measuring 27in. It released its second curved monitor, the 34in SE790C featuring 3000R curvature, in January 2015. Samsung's latest curved offering are CF591 which is a 27in model and CF390 that comes in two variants 23.5in and a 27in model.

Some of the key features that managed to grab customers globally for its curved monitor is its "centre-to-edge" viewing distances offering an even better and comfortable viewing experience. Extra-wide viewing angles and enhanced contrast ratio are the other noteworthy features that helped Samsung capitalise on strong demand of the curved monitors driven especially by the gamers and entertainment users.

While highlighting the success of curved screen monitors Seog-gi Kim, senior vice president, Visual Display Business, Samsung said, "Since the launch of our first curved monitor in 2014, we've seen this technology evolve to become an industry standard that gaming and entertainment viewers expect".

"As curved monitors continue to grow in popularity, we welcome the challenge of further advancing our displays' design and capabilities to drive new levels of viewer engagement and comfort. We are happy to have reached one million sales for our curved monitors so far, and we look forward to delivering new curved technology innovation in the coming years," added Kim.