Fidget spinner
Regular fidget spinners, like the one pictured, are usually welcome on flights. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Fidget spinner toys have continued to grow in popularity this year, with the twirling 'stress relief' aids satiating restless fingers in high streets, classrooms and offices all over the globe. Regular fidget spinners are free to spiral away on airlines too, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was forced to confiscate one particular spinner that raised a few safety eyebrows.

The toy in question - dubbed "Satan's fidget spinner" - was nabbed at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in the US state of Georgia on Friday (16 June). Rather than a mere distraction from take-off or in-flight turbulence, this particular item, was deemed to be a possible deadly weapon.

The TSA posted an image of the impounded spinner on its Instagram account - a profile which the governmental agency often uses to humourously remind would-be passengers that guns, knives, grenades and the like are unacceptable hand luggage items.

A quick look at the satanic spinner is enough to see why it didn't make the flight, as the metallic object resembles a Japanese shuriken weapon, which many refer to as ninja or throwing stars. The fidget spinner craze has prompted a number of similarly dangerous designs, with many selling on eBay.

"Satan's fidget spinner was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV)," read the post. "While normal #FidgetSpinners are permitted, this one is a weapon."

The post currently has over 6,000 likes on the social photography platform, which is slightly less than the usual like-tallies the account garners from its semi-regular posts of explosive detection sniffer dogs.

Fidget spinners also recently gained notoriety in the video game world thanks to a Grand Theft Auto 5 PC mod that swapped in-game grenades for the popular toys. Unfortunately for fidget spinner fans, the asset swap causes the game's pedestrians to run away in horror and prompts its overzealous police force to hunt the player down via lethal means.