Filipino-born Blaze Binder, 37, was charged after posting some pictures on Facebook of herself next to a dead pensioner, The Daily Mail reported.

Binder, who calls herself, "soul thief" and "Hail Satan", had been working at a care home in Mogelsberg, Switerland when she took the pictures, but only published them after the facility closed.

Next to the pictures, Binder asked her Facebook friends to guess whether the pensioner was dead or alive.

In one comment, she wrote: "Gonna send them to Hell where some belong, the rest in the compost pit for fertilizers - hehehe".

In response to a comment suggesting the posting was improper, Binder wrote: "I can put anything I want in my Facebook [page] it's mine.

"People who doesn't want what I post they can juz up and die death is normal people die all the time!"

A court in St Gallen, Switzerland charged Binder of "violating the peace of the dead" and breaching of trust.

The court issued a £800 fine and a suspended fine equivalent to 120 days of pay.

The Swiss Association of Nurses said it was "shocked and upset" by the pictures.

Relatives of the dead woman reacted with outrage.

"The images must instantly disappear from the internet," the woman's son Rüdi Forrer, 66, told local daily newspaper Blick.

"I do not understand for the life of me how such a thing can happen in a retirement home."

Binder was also interviewed by Blick and she said: "I do not understand that people are upset about the photos".

Binder also called the images "beautiful pictures" and said death was part of everyday life at the nursing home.

Binder, who is married to a Swiss man, also advertises her services as a dominatrix on her Facebook page, describing herself as the 'queen of pleasures'.