An investigation into the murder of a doctor in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has revealed that the prime suspect, a woman in her mid twenties, tried to post the victim's genitals to his wife.

Dr Satish Chandra, 42, was found dead in a hotel on Sunday with his throat slit and genitals chopped off. He was working at the Amrodha Primary Health Centre in Kanpur.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, the parcel which contained Chandra's genitals also had a letter for Chandra's wife, which claimed the parcel was a gift to her.

When asked by police to physically describe the client who submitted the parcel, the courier service gave a profile which closely matched that of a woman seen with Chandra just before his death.

According to employees from Sachdeva Courier Services, the woman walked into the office on the evening of 22 July with the well-packed parcel.

"We have some crucial leads with us. Investigating teams are close to establishing the identity of this woman," Kripa Shankar Singh, senior superintendent of police for the Kanpur Dehat district, told Hindustan Times.

The woman visited the courier's offices and asked for the parcel to be delivered to Chandra's home, police were informed.

The mobile number and address she provided turned out to be false. She even claimed her phone wasn't in a working condition, and thus she would not be able to receive any calls for the pre or post-delivery confirmation.

When the parcel was opened by the employees of the courier services for sorting later that night, they were horrified to find a man's genitals placed on a cotton cushion, as well as the letter.

Chandra's post-mortem report has revealed that his death was caused due to excessive bleeding from wounds made by a sharp weapon.