Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday
Hillary Clinton's efforts to win voters in New York were mocked on Saturday Night Live Reuters

Saturday Night Live had a good laugh at Hillary Clinton's expense showing the candidate so very earnestly trying to win over New Yorkers for the upcoming priary while carefully avoiding, but pretending to eat, a hotdog and taking five times to get through a subway turnstile.

And then there's that tin ear when it comes to New Yorkese, demonstrated by the comedy-skit candidate calling The Mets baseball team The Metes (she also switches around the baseball hat she's wearing showing the New York Yankees logo so she's got every voter covered).

"God, I love being back in the Fat Apple, my home state," gushes Kate McKinnon who plays Clinton in the skit, "except for Illinois and Arkansas, but they already voted for me, so we cool."

McKinnon's Clinton also laughs off her recent losses to Bernie Sanders, saying she planned it that way.

Clinton's biggest false step during her visit to New York, revived in the skit, was the candidate's attempt to get down with commuters by riding the subway in the Bronx. "You know what my favorite part of New York is?" The subway. I love to ride it and I'm comfortable riding it," mocked McKinnon.

During her actual visit Clinton could not quite manage the system's Metrocard at the turnstile and it took her five tries to finally get through, underscoring her inexperience with the public transit system.

In the skit, after slamming into the recalcitrant turnstile several times, the candidate finally decides to "go in the old-fashioned way' — turnstile jumping — but can't pull that off either. "Oh I'll take a cab," she says, as usual, smiling broadly.

Clinton is even inexperienced with it comes to cars, according to the Washington Post. As a First Lady, senator (of New York) and secretary of state, Clinton has had a driver for the past 20 years.

Bernie Sanders did not rack up any authentic subway points for New Yorkers, either. He talked in an interview with the Daily News about tokens, which have not been used since 2003.

But the subway stunt could get even more embarrassing for Clinton. It's illegal to campaign in a subway train, according to city law, and Clinton could be fined $25 (£17.70) — or sent to prison for ten days.