Actor Alec Baldwin appeared on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump in a sketch parodying Fox & Friends

Baldwin's version of the US president was seen on Twitter in bed, then calling into the Fox News programme to show off about his State of the Union performance and criticising the FBI over a declassified GOP memo.

"I'm saving the economy, destroying ISIS, and right now getting my daily Intelligence briefing... from you guys," Baldwin says.

"Thanks so much. Your show is so great. Huuuge ratings!

"Of course, not as big as the ratings for my State of the Union speech, which was watched by 10 billion people including all of China.

"Now they say there's only seven billion people on Earth, so where do the other three billion people come from?

"Illegals? I don't know."

On the memo, Baldwin's Trump says: "But guys, this memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence.

"I don't know, I haven't read either one of them. And Devin Nunes, I love that guy, my sweet little house elf so close to earning his freedom.

"His memo proves that the FBI is biased and they have a history of this folks."

Earlier this week, the US Congress released a memo that accuses the FBI of abusing its power in its investigations into Trump's presidential campaign.

The four-page memo, with a cover letter from the White House counsel, claims that the FBI omitted information in its application for a wiretap on Trump advisor Carter Page.