Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa against 'All You can Eat Buffets'
Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa against 'All You can Eat Buffets' Reuters

A Saudi cleric named Saleh al-Fawzan has issued fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets in Saudi Arabia. He made the statement on a Saudi Quranic TV station.

Fawzan said the value and quantity of the food sold should be pre-determined before hand.

"Whoever enters the buffet and eats for 10 or 50 riyals without deciding the quantity they will eat is violating Sharia (Islamic) law," Fawzan was quoted on al-Atheer channel.

The fatwa attempts to add plate piling eateries to the long list of things outlawed by religious edicts. It has been the subject of condemnation and debate on social media channels.

While some twitter users slammed the cleric's fatwa by using the hashtag "prohibiting-open-buffet" (in Arabic) others tweeted supporting it.

Here are some reactions for the fatwa against all-you-can-eat Buffets.

The credibility of the Saudi cleric's fatwa is debatable as the Saudi Council of Muftis is the only religious council having the authority to issue a fatwa in the country.