Mark Williams-Thomas
Mark Williams-Thomas

Important people knew about Jimmy Savile's sex offences and helped cover it up, claimed the man who first exposed the BBC presenter's crimes.

TV show maker Mark Williams-Thomas, 42, said on Twitter that he had more "shocking" information about a potential plot to keep secret the BBC presenter's activities.

He wrote: "Got told some very interesting info on Friday about who knew about Savile's offending - which if it can be substantiated as true is shocking.

"If I can stand up the specific info about who knew about Savile's offending, which is possible, I will ensure the name(s) are made public."

Williams-Thomas made the ITV documentary, The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, which destroyed the TV Presenter's public reputation when it was aired in 2012.

The show sparked national uproar, triggered questions in parliament and led to the resignation of then BBC director general George Entwhistle.

Mark-Williams' revelation came as a wall listing the names of sex abuse victims was discovered in Manchester.

Police officers discovered a chilling marking system which appeared to grade victims' sexual performance. Among the names were children the abusers planned to target next.

Greater Manchester Police are looking into the discovery which came to light in the wake of Operation Yewtree, the enormous police investigation sparked by the Savile sex scandal.

It has more than 100 lines of enquiry in to sex abuse by Savile and other people.

Williams-Thomas added to his comments: "The Manchester police inv [enquiry] that has been heavily featured today has become a major enquiry & is a direct result of Savile expose.

"However the details r (sic) not exactly as being reported. That said, a significant major investigation into child abuse is being conducted.

Fomer Jim'll Fix It host Savile was branded Britain's worst paedophile

Among his crimes, he was alleged to have used Stoke Mandeville Hospital to molest victims by targeting girls in wheelchairs for sex, during the 1970s.

It was also claimed he interfered with the corpses of recently deceased young patients there.

Further accusations even claimed that Savile donned Satanic robes and worshipped the devil during sex rituals in Scarborough.