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Facepalm front page Twitter


  • The National newspaper asked its Twitter followers to devise a front page.
  • The move was in response to David Davis's admission that his department has not created a Brexit impact study.

A Scottish newspaper asked its readers to draw a front-page to help Brexit Secretary David Davis assess the impact of Britain leaving the EU.

The publication appealed to its readers to draw or write their vision of life in Britain after it leaves the economic union in 2019.

It wrote to its 64,000 followers on Wednesday (December 6): "It's over to you, readers! What will the impact of Brexit be? Help the UK Government out by writing or drawing on tomorrow's front page box, then tweet us a picture of it."

The stunt was in response to an admission by the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis that a study on the effects of Brexit did not actually exist, despite his previous claims to the contrary.

The National is a strongly Remain newspaper headquartered in Glasgow and was specifically set up in 2014 to target pro-independence Scottish readers.

Its followers duly obliged in its request with some humorous and creative replies, many of which envisaged a country in anarchy and economically ravaged. So far there have been 565 retweets and over 200 responses.

Getting the right front page is a real challenge as this newspaper discovered yesterday. Readers were left aghast when Wednesday's edition of the Cambridge News forgot to update its headline and went with placeholder text that read: '100PT SPLASH HEADING HERE'

The newspaper has since apologised to readers for the blunder on its website.