There's an important rule for people who appear on television: avoid green. And with good reason.

But nobody told Sean Spicer, Donald Trump's press secretary, who wore a green tie to his media conference.

Jesse McLaren got hold of the video and used Spicer's tie like a green screen.

It's hard to listen to what someone is saying when their tie is a nuclear explosion, or Jack Nicholson doing his "here's Johnny" scene from The Shining.

Spicer's press conference was fiery. He angrily defended President Trump's unsubstantiated claim that his phones had been wiretapped on Obama's orders during the 2016 election campaign.

The press secretary labelled questions about Trump's wiretapping allegations by CNN's Jim Acosta "cute".

"You're coming to some serious conclusions for a guy who has zero intelligence," Spicer stuttered, quickly clarifying that he meant intelligence clearances.

Here's his press conference in full.