Andrew Farndon
Andrew Farndon, 26, was freed by a gunman outside West Suffolk Hospital Sussex Police

A second man has escaped police custody - less than a week after a prison van carrying a man charged with murder was hijacked and the suspect fled.

In the latest incicdent, Andrew Farndon, 26, was being driven from Highpoint prison to West Suffolk Hospital after he allegedly stabbed himself. As they arrived at the hospital, the prison security officers were confronted by an armed man.

Farndon was serving an indefinite sentence for GBH with intent, dangerous driving and aggravated vehicle taking.

The female prison guard he was handcuffed to released him after a gun was pointed at her as they arrived at the hospital.

Suffolk Police were tipped off by medical staff who reported seeing a man with a gun outside the hospital buildings.

Police believe Farndon and the armed man have left Suffolk.

Farndon was the second convict to escape police custody in just a few days after "extremely dangerous" John Anslow, who was facing a murder charge, was sprung from a prison van on Monday.

Anslow is still on the run and West Mercia police are offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Police are appealing for information on both escapees and are appealing for anyone might be able to help to contact their nearest police station or call 101.

Both men are considered dangerous and are not to be approached.