A Florida woman has captured the moment a young alligator was eaten by a member of its own species.

Nancy Bloch, of East Lake, Florida, was taking photographs of eagles for her personal website when she became aware that a nearby alligator had eaten something, according to one report. On closer inspection, Bloch noticed that the tail of a young alligator was sticking out of the mouth of the bigger reptile.

Alligators are known to eat their young and around 7% of young succumb to cannibalism by other gators, according to Live Science. Some zoologists say the practice helps to keep the population at sustainable levels.

In 2017, scientists studying the interaction between freshwater animals and marine-life documented alligators eating sharks for the first time.

"Alligators seek out fresh water in high-salinity environments," researcher James Nifong said. "When it rains really hard, they can actually sip fresh water off the surface of the salt water. That can prolong the time they can stay in a saltwater environment."

Alligator eating shark
Alligators have been documented preying on small sharks U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/J.N. 'Ding' Darling/National Wildlife Refuge