A Canadian firm is seeking funding through Kickstarter for its Powerlace hands-free self-tying shoelace technology.

The tech brings to mind classic 80s movie series Back to the Future, which had self-tying laces in its vision of the future in 2015. It also had hoverboards, and if those can be invented, why not this?

Behind Powerlace is "The Powerteam", a group of five working on the project led by inventor Frederick Labbe, who have been developing the laces since 2007.

They proudly speak of how their invention contains no batteries, motors, springs or gears, instead needing only a person's body weight to activate a pressure pad beneath the heel area. A "puller" then provides a connection between the pressure pad and the tightness of the laces.

"The puller is a key element to the Powerlace lacing system," reads their Kickstarter page. "It is manufactured with engineered thermoplastic that offers outstanding impact resistance and excellent balance between stiffness and strength."

A lace lock can be set to your preferred comfort on the first try and the setting will be remembered for subsequent uses.

To disengage the laces the user need only to apply pressure to a small, concealed lever on the back of the shoe.

Powerteam are seeking $650,000 (£415,000) between now and 14 January 2015 with the various tiers of backing reaping particular rewards. At $25 you'll receive a Powerlace T-shirt, but from $175-plus backers will receive a pair of the shoes.

A special $1,750 backing bracket is also available, designed for groups of friends that include ten pairs of the shoes at the price of nine. They plan to fulfil orders from May 2015.

At the time of publication the Kickstarter has received just over $36,000. You can back the project here.

Below you can watch the Back to the Future Part 2 clip featuring the famous self-tying laces.