After a long period of silence, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has finally spoken up about his contract renewal. He revealed exactly how he was feeling about his future, when he spoke at the premiere of the new Amazon Original docuseries titled "La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos (The Legend of Sergio Ramos)."

Before anything else, Ramos made it clear that if it was up to him, he can play with the club for many more years. This is not a situation anywhere near the Lionel Messi saga in Barcelona, where the Argentine has been eager to leave following numerous internal issues.

"You can't please everyone, but there is something you can't erase, everything you've won. The only thing that I care about is that people know I'm a real guy, that I gave my soul for the Madrid crest," he said. It will be a relief for Real Madrid fans to know that Ramos still feel the same passion for the club and wants to stay.

He also revealed that if it was up to him, he wants to play for five more years. It may be remembered that one of the reasons behind the standoff in the contract negotiations, is that Ramos reportedly wanted a multi-year deal, but the club was not amenable. "I've always been direct and face-to-face. I'm honest, humble and hardworking. I can perform at the highest level for five more years, injuries providing," he said.

Speaking of injuries, Ramos has been sidelined since the middle of January, and has undergone a knee surgery in the first week of February. News about his contract calmed down during his recovery, but it is believed that both sides have softened their stance, paving the way for a compromise to be reached.

However, Ramos says that the deal is not finalised and he is more concerned about returning to the pitch. "I wish I could say something, but everything remains the same. I'm just thinking about coming back and finishing the season in the best possible way. There's no news about my renewal, as much as I'd like there to be. I'm calm, only thinking about playing again and savouring another title," he said.

Ramos joined his teammates in training this week, and has been called up by manager Zinedine Zidane for tonight's match against Elche. It remains to be seen if he will start, but the manager will be eager to give him some minutes to prepare him for Tuesday's UEFA Champions League clash against Atalanta. They will be hosting the Italians in the second leg of their last-16 encounter. Real Madrid leads 1-0.

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3 June 2017: Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos poses during a celebration event held at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium after the team won the the Champions League final against Juventus Curto de la Torre/AFP