Time is quickly running out for Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, whose contract is set to expire in June. He has been at a standoff with the club on his contract renewal, but he is now aware that the best option for him is to stay with the Spanish giants, However, he is also looking for more long-term security if he is going to accept a pay cut.

Ramos has been sidelined by injuries almost from the onset of 2021. As such, he has not had many opportunities to assert his value on the pitch. The club has been coping fairly well in his absence, giving the 34-year-old less leverage to use in his contract negotiations. His lack of game time has also potentially damaged any offers that might have been sent to him by potential suitors.

While his presence is still very important, the club has reportedly been offering him a contract that involves a 10% pay cut, The same deal that has been offered to other Real Madrid stars like Luka Modric. Ramos has never been open to the proposal, but with the clock ticking and options dwindling, ABC has reported that the Spanish captain has come to the conclusion that he wants to stay.

However, a pay cut is still a blow and Ramos wants at least two years of security. The club has so far been willing to offer a year-long extension with an option to renew annually. This has always been the standard contract that Real Madrid offers players who are no longer in their 20s.

Ramos wants to stay with Real Madrid at least until 2023, and may possibly end his career with the club that made him a legend. His brother and agent René, along with the rest of his family are also keen on having him remain in the Spanish capital. To top that off, his wife, Pilar Rubio, won't be keen on moving away from Madrid where she also has a successful television career.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos celebrates scoring a penalty in Real Madrid's win over Barcelona AFP / LLUIS GENE