Happy New Year poster
Happy New Year poster

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone fans, who are expecting to see the pair revisit their Chennai Express on-screen romance in the upcoming film Happy New Year, might be in for some disappointment.

Reportedly, SRK's new comic caper will not have him romancing his leading lady.

"Deepika Padukone is more like one of the boys in the caper. She plays a bar dancer who is called by Shah Rukh Khan to teach his team of heisters how to dance in a global dance competition. The mutual attraction between SRK and Deepika is hinted at very gently. There is no attempt to cash in on the Chennai Express chemistry between the pair," revealed a source close to the project, to Bollywood Hungama.

Padukone, surprisingly, is the comic element in the film. "She feels she's an artiste and therefore superior to the male actors whom she has been called to teach how to dance," said the source.

The source also added that subduing the 'romantic element' in the film was SRK's idea. "He wanted Farah to focus on the caper. He made her tone down the romantic element with Deepika to focus on the caper aspect of the script," the source was quoted as saying.

Of course that doesn't mean that Padukone fans will return disappointed. After all, the actress is on home turf with this film having started her career with the same team, in her debut film Om Shanti Om.