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  • The horse was filmed browsing through the supermarket
  • The incident left many shopped stunned and fascinated
  • The four-legged shopper was looking intently at baby food and clothes

A footage of a horse nonchalantly wandering through the aisles has won the hearts of thousands of people across the globe.

A horse browsing the aisles of the store is the last thing you'd expect to see in a supermarket. However, this is exactly what happened at a Tesco store in Pengam Green, Cardiff.

The staff, along with the people who visited the store were puzzled and surprised to find a black and white pony looking intently at baby food and clothes that were on sale for several minutes.

The amused bystanders quickly reached for their phones and captured the one-of-a-kind incident of the four-legged creature wandering between the aisles. Following this, multiple photographs and videos of the incident were shared with the rest of the world through social media posts.

The pony had reportedly gone past a section with carrots to browse around the baby food section instead.

Many people were left wondering about the incident, and pondered about where the pony had come from, and how it had managed to enter the Tesco without getting detected by security.

The unusual shopper had made it's way to Tesco after it had strayed from a nearby field, as reported by Metro. The curious pony was safely escorted back out after a while, bringing its shopping spree to an end.

"We can only guess that the pony was tempted in by our Low Everyday Prices on oats." said a spokesperson from Tesco.

Meanwhile, members of a local animal charity known as The Healthy Horse Project, who coincidentally happened to be at the building to buy groceries at the same time also photographed the incident.

Other people took to social media to comment on the incident. Some of the comments are as follows:

"Love this - best shopping trip ever!"

"Well, the sign only said no dogs, so I carried on in, your Honour."

"I often shop at Tesco, I called in there today, A horse was walking down the aisle, Heading straight my way, It's not often that you see a horse, He was looking for the oats. Unfortunately they'd sold out, They'd been bought by the goats!"

"Surprised he didn't stop in the fruit and veg!"

"Probably made its way over from Rover Way," said one person on Facebook, while another added that it had wandered over from "the fields behind Tesco."

"How did it make it that far into the shop, LOL," said a third. "Needed some shower gel by the looks of it."

"Gone in for some cough sweets because he is a little horse."

In another such rare incident that took place last year, a giant bear was caught shoplifting from a convenience store in California, United States. The incident left people smiling ear to ear as the animal was caught taking several trips to the store to complete its late night shopping spree. The giant creature also reached out and grabbed a different snack each time.