Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Alabama, boasted on Twitter about bringing his "Alabama values" to Washington and he got furiously roasted instead. The former state judge has come under intense scrutiny after he was accused by several women of misconduct and assault when he was in his 30s. Some of the women said the encounters occurred when they were were just teenagers.

Moore has continued to deny the allegations and defiantly refused to drop out despite opposition from both Democrats and fellow Republicans. He is running against Democrat Doug Jones in the upcoming race on 12 December.

US President Donald Trump recently publicly backed Moore for the vacant Senate seat saying "we need" him to win in Alabama for his vote on "on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V A, Judges 2nd Amendment and more."

On Tuesday evening (5 December), Moore bragged about bringing his "Alabama values" to Washington saying he "can't wait" to do so.

"I think they're afraid I'm going to take Alabama values to Washington and I can't wait. #ALsen," he wrote.

Twitter, on the other hand, mercilessly dragged him over the coals for his "outlandish" tweet and slammed the Senate candidate in light of the accusations.

One person said: "There's so much wrong with this tweet I don't even know where to start?"

"You mean stalking young girls at the mall type of values?? Yes everyone is afraid of that..." one Twitter user wrote. Another said the tweet was a "major warning to DC school board and malls."

"Oh, are you looking to get banned from The National Mall, too?" someone asked.

"The Alabama values you represent are homophobia and misogyny. Not my Alabama values. Not those of any decent Alabamian," one person wrote.

roy moore
Roy Moore said he can't wait to bring "Alabama values" to Washington and Twitter ruthlessly roasted him for it. Joe Raedle/Getty Images