Donald Trump
The tech world is rallying against Donald Trump, according to reports REUTERS/Randall Hill

Major figures from the technology industry are said to have attended a closed-doors meeting with US politics' top brass to discuss how to bring the shutters down on Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

According to the Huffington Post, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Tesla Motors' Elon Musk and Napster creator Sean Parker are collaborating with senior Republicans to stop the GOP frontrunner.

The alleged meeting took place on a private resort on Sea Island, off the coast of Georgia, for the annual American Enterprise Institute World Forum, where the technology CEOs also brushed shoulders with billionaires and media moguls. Although he wasn't the only item on the agenda, Trump was one of the main topics of discussion, the Huffington Post claimed.

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reportedly wrote in an email: "A spectre was haunting the World Forum – the spectre of Donald Trump. There was much unhappiness about his emergence, a good deal of talk, some of it insightful and thoughtful, about why he's done so well, and many expressions of hope that he would be defeated.

"The key task now, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him. In general, there's a little too much hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, and fatalism out there and not quite enough resolving to save the party from nominating or the country electing someone who simply shouldn't be president."

While no specifics were given on what methods of stopping Trump were discussed, the Huffington Post said that the Forum was presented with findings from a focus group that explored the business mogul's weaknesses – namely that voters don't see him as someone their children should look up to and the fact that he is not perceived as someone who "should have his fingers anywhere near a nuclear trigger".

Whether these findings can now be put to use remains to be seen, but if these reports are indeed true, the fight against Trump now has some of the most influential names in tech behind it. We're sure Elon Musk can think of something – a perpetual Presidential Hyperloop, perhaps?