David Walliams and Simon Cowell
David Walliams and Simon Cowell Twitter

British comedian David Williams was on something of a roll on the Jonathan Ross Show, where was joined by X Factor's former judge Simon Cowell.

"I have never done anything where people are more interested. The main question I get is, 'Is Simon gay? Even my mum was going, 'Yeah he is really nice - is he gay?'" Williams led off.

"Well we know the answer to that. With the gay thing, the jury is still out," Williams was quoted as saying by The Sun.

The comedian made sure the audience went home having laughed their hearts out, after a series of jokes... all at the expense of a very sporting Cowell. He even went to the extent of taking a picture of Cowell and himself and posting it on Twitter, with a comment: "Me and my boyfriend."

The duo apparently had a great time together but Cowell was forced to disappoint his fans, when he said he would not be returning to the judge the "X Factor".