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Singapore has been ranked as the healthiest country in the world by a Bloomberg survey.

Factors such as average life expectancy, causes of death (communicative and non- communicative diseases), mortality rates, etc were taken into account for determining the health of a nation.

The survey included 145 countries with a population of at least one million and Singapore tops the list with a total health score of 92.52 percent and a health risk penalty of 3.07 percent.

Singapore has a health grade of 89.45 percent which is calculated by subtracting the risk score from the health score of the country.

Risk factors include rates of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption among other parameters.

Five-year averages, when available, were used to mitigate some of the short-term year-over-year swings.

Italy comes second with a health grade of 89.07 per cent and Australia is in the third position with 88.33 per cent.

Switzerland and Japan are in the fourth and fifth positions with health grades of 88.29 percent and 86.83 percent.

Other top countries in the list are Israel (6th), Spain (7th), the Netherlands (8th), Sweden (9th) and Germany (10th).

The UK ranks 21 among the 145 nations with a health grade of 76.84 percent. It has a total health score of 82.82 with a health risk penalty of 5.98 percent.

The United States finds its place at the 33th position with a health grade of 66.84 percent.

The majority of African nations rank above 100 in the list with Swaziland ranked as the least healthy among the surveyed nations.

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