Lee Hadwin
The 37-year-old artist draws in a trance-like state and says he is unable to remember his creative episodes when he is awake.

A British artist who creates works of art while he sleeps has put his whole collection up for sale at £1m.

Lee Hadwin, who is a sleepwalker, often produces portraits of Marilyn Monroe as well as more abstract pieces while in a trance-like state but is unable to recreate them when he wakes up.

"My art's horrific when I'm conscious," he told the Mirror.

The 37-year-old discovered his talent at the age of four and now leaves sketchbooks lying around his London flat to use in the night.

Fans of his work include US tycoon Donald Trump and illusionist Derren Brown who have both bought pieces from him.

Hadwin previously described his creative episodes as "embarrassing" and insisted he wakes up with no memory of what he did during the night.

"Friends have recorded me and I find it really embarrassing - it's like watching yourself when you're drunk," he told Metro.

"Some people say, 'You can't be an artist because you have to be conscious to produce art.' But, at the end of the day, what is art?"

A collection of 80 to 100 pieces of his work will be put up for sale on eBay on 11 February 11.

£500,000 of the proceeds will be donated to the Missing People charity.