Since her weight loss Snooki looks amazing in everything she wears. Hair, outfit, shoes - flawless. twitter

It's time for Snooki and JWoww to enter Jersey City. The second largest city of New Jersey, Jersey City, will play host to a spin-off of MTV's "Jersey shore".

After they were denied permit in Hoboken, the team was allowed in Jersey City as the mayor believes it is an opportunity to promote the city. But the permission has not come without rules and regulations. The authorities have clearly stated that there would be cops watching their every move in the city.

Meanwhile, Snooki has also called herself as "bisexual". After kissing her roommate Deena in Italy, Snooki said she is bisexual and has done stuff with girls before. A few days ago Snooki underwent a massive weightloss that created the buzz.

The girls are expected to stay in Jersey City for six weeks. Residents have been reported to fear the impact of their stay in the City. But since the Mayor has agreed to watch the girls closely, people are rooting for it.