President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law made a rare speaking appearance addressing tech titans gathered for the first American Technology Council meeting on Monday, 19 June. Kushner, who heads the White House Office of American Innovation, spoke publicly for the first time in his new White House role and discussed the ambitious goals set by the Trump administration to improve government efficiency and modernise its digital infrastructure.

"Our goal here is simple – we are here to improve the day to day lives of the average citizen," Kushner said. "That is a core promise and we are keeping it."

"We have challenged ourselves to pursue change that will provide utility to Americans far beyond our tenure here," he continued. "Together we will unleash the creativity of the private sector to provide citizen services in a way that has never happened before."

In response to Kushner's first public address since January, Twitter immediately erupted with a slew of jokes, memes and comments over the sound of his voice, rather than the content of his speech.

"Jared Kushner has been banned from speaking publicly until he has gone through puberty," one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: "I think he's done a really good job representing his school in the model UN."

While some said they were disappointed after finally hearing his voice, others said it sounded exactly like they expected it would.

"Kind of disappointed. Jared Kushner's making his first public remarks and he hasn't been hiding a cool Darth Vader voice. At all," writer Karen Dalton Beninato tweeted.

One person tweeted: "It's probably not fair to observe that finally hearing Kushner's voice is a major let-down. Sounds like he's giving an 8th grade valedictory."