Video footage of an American father exposing his 13-year-old daughter for lying about her age online has gone viral.

The four-minute clip, which shows the young girl standing beside her unnamed father while he talks to the camera, was first posted on Facebook.

It is believed that the video was created as a form of punishment after the man discovered that his daughter, acting as a latter-day Lolita, had been talking to older men online while claiming she was 17 years old.

"I want to remind everyone on Facebook who got in her account, whoever's old enough, 17 or 18 or whatever. Do not talk to Tati because Tati is only 13 years old," he can be heard saying at the start of the video.

"We found out that she has been talking to other people doing stuff that she shouldn't be doing. We also found out she got busted lying, smoking weed and lying to people that she is 17 when she is really 13."

He continues by warning older men against contacting his daughter and warned them that they risk prison.

"If you do not want to get charged with statutory rape or attempting to rape, please delete her out of Facebook. If I see any comments after today you will get arrested."

With her father's prompting, the teenager then confesses to camera that she has been lying and informs viewers of her real age and date of birth.

"I'm sorry to all the people that I lied to on Facebook about my age, " she says.

The family are believed to be from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

The video has divided the online community.

One commentator said: "Proud of that father. Trust lil mama, you gone thank him one day."

Another wrote: "This is adult/parent bullying. This is inappropriate. Dont take parenting to the internet. That s**t never goes away and you subject your child to taunting among their peers."