Lorena Bobbitt
Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis using a knife in a famous case in 1993 REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

A Somerset woman who left a 3 inch scar on her ex-partner's penis whilst trying to bite it off has claimed the injury was caused during vigorous sex.

Despite Vincent Rennoldson, 42, calling the police after she tried to his manhood off, she then got on her knees and bit it.

The 999 operator heard his screams as blood poured out of the base of his penis while Sinead Walker, 40, clamped her jaws on it.

Bath Magistrates' court heard she had downed a bottle of wine before going to see her partner where she wanted to apologise for hitting him two weeks earlier after their relationship of ten months ended.

But a new argument erupted and the mum-of-one saw red and threw Rennoldson against a wall and pulled down her ex's boxer shorts.

Father-of-three Rennoldson told the court: "She pushed me against the wall. She grabbed my penis and tried to pull it off - then she bit it. I've now got a scar on it. I'll show anybody."

After pictures were show to the court, Walker was found guilty of assault despite pleading that the injury was a result of a particularly rough sex-session.

Rennoldson told The Sun after the case: "She was on her knees, got it in her hands and started biting. The pain was excruciating. There was a lot of blood. It's really affected me - I was watching Jaws the other night but had to turn over.

"It could have been worse. She could have bitten it off. At least it still works."

Walker is due to be sentenced next month and has been released on bail on the condition she does not approach her ex-partner.