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With the games industry still licking its wounds after Sony's recent spate of hacking troubles, veteran games developer Codemasters today revealed that it to had fallen victim to a successful cyber attack.

According to a report recently posted on, the U.K. based games publisher confirmed, "On Friday 20, there was an attempt to gain administrative access to the website. This admin access may have allowed alterations to our company website.

"We responded swiftly with a full investigation to isolate the issue, bringing down for a few hours to ensure no access would be possible, and returned the website after a security hole was closed. While some staff admin names were obtained, passwords were all encrypted."

Similar to the hack that crippled Sony's PSN, Codemasters are now the second major games company to have subsequently been targeted by hackers -- the first being Japanese developer Square Enix.

While not on the same scale as Sony's current troubles, Codemasters were quick to point out that it had already taken serious counter-measures.

"Our online team take security of user data very seriously and we are reviewing all of our websites and systems to ensure we are as safe as possible, especially as many games companies have been popular targets for this sort of activity recently."