The popular South African restaurant chain, Wimpy, has released a range of burgers especially for the blind.

Employing the help of skilled chefs and accurately placing sesame seeds on burger buns to form braille, Wimpy now offers the visually impaired "braille burgers".

Each seeded braille bun contains a message that describes the burger the eater is about to enjoy.

For example, one braille bun reads "100 percent pure beef burger made for you".

In a three-minute video, the restaurant shows how the burgers are made and the reactions of visually impaired people trying the braille burgers for the first time.

Wimpy claims that creating the braille burgers was a "small gesture" but for people who "use their hands as their eyes this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food - they could see it."

Visually impaired people who have tried the burgers have enjoyed them so much that they have spoken about it in their braille newsletters.

Wimpy said by building 15 braille burgers their message was passed on to more than 800,000 sight disabled people.

"Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants. To spread the word we built braille burgers that blind people could actually read. With the help of skilled chefs we took sesame seeds and meticulously placed them on burger buns so that the seeds formed braille," the restaurant said.

To watch the video and see how the braille burgers are made, click below: